Rainwise – RainLog 2.0 Rainfall Data Logger – RainLog 2.0 Data Logger Only

The RainLog 2.0 data logger is our next generation Rainfall logger and features numerous improvements in memory capacity, process speed, battery replacement, improved protection and USB Connectivity.

Please Note: This does not include the Rain Collector or Mounting Options. This is the RainLog Data Logger Only.

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SKU: 804-1010
Rainwise, Replacement Parts

RainLog 2.0 is the next generation rainfall logger with numerous enhancements. This battery-operated logger fits inside most RainWise tipping bucket rain gauges. Rainfall is logged at a one-minute resolution and has capacity for several years of data.

Enhanced Features:

  • Increased capacity – Flash memory has been increased to 2 MB from 256K
  • AAA Batteries – The difficult to source lithium CR2477N battery has been replaced with two AAA battery compartments allowing for easy un-interrupted replacement in the field.
  •  Battery monitor – The RainLog 2.0 includes a battery monitor LED that changes from green to red when the battery voltage is getting low. The actual battery voltage is also reported in the RL-Loader software.
  • Rugged Case – A new more durable case with battery compartment provides better protection.
  • Improved Protection – New more durable conformal coating to provide better moisture protection
  • Faster Processor – A brand new processor allows for 120% faster downloads
  •  USB connectivity – A USB mini connector eliminates the need for separate USB converters

RL-Loader 2 – Software (Free)

xThis free Windows based software package will run on Windows XP or later. RL-Loader is used to configure and download data from the RainLog. Data is displayed in both text and graphical formats and can be printed or exported directly into Microsoft Excel. The device info window gives you vital information about the RainLog, such as time, date and amount of memory used. The text window displays daily totals or the list of rainfall events as they occur. The graph window displays a bar chart of the daily rainfall totals with a configurable graphing range.

Package Options

Collector, Mounting Post and Level Indicator ( RainLogger )

The RainLogger is a complete package containing a RainLog data logger, RL-Loader 2 software and polypropylene rain collector and mounting mast. The tipping bucket rain gauge is calibrated to 0.01 inches / 0.25 mm per tip. Other calibrations are available on request.

Collector without Mounting ( Rainlog-Rainew )

The RainLog data logger is supplied with a polypropylene rain collector, RL-Loader software and serial cable. The tipping bucket rain gauge is calibrated to 0.01 inches / 0.25 mm per tip. This package does not include a mounting post. The National Weather Service suggests that the collector should be mounted 3 feet above the ground. It is also important that the mounting provides adequate drainage for the collector. The tipping bucket mechanism empties through two drains in its base.

Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 10 × 8 × 4 in


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